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California Arbor Week 2015 Poster Contest

"We Need Trees and Trees Need Us" 2015 winners (click on image for larger view):

3rd Grade Winner
3rd Grade: Isabella N., Alamos Elementary, Murrieta CA

4th Grade Winner
4th Grade: Madalynn C., Lower Lake Elementary, Lower Lake CA

5th Grade Winner
5th Grade: Carlos O., Valley View Elementary, Nuevo CA

Imagination Winner
Imagination Award: Rohan M., Kimber Hills Academy, Fremont CA

You are invited to join third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers and parents throughout California in the California Arbor Week Poster Contest. The contest theme each year is designed to increase students’ knowledge about the important roles of trees and the many benefits they provide our communities.

A poster contest booklet explains the theme and all the details of the contest, and can be downloaded at To help you introduce the contest theme, you will find lesson plans that meet national science standards and are can be easily used in your curriculum plans.

We look forward to seeing your students’ original artwork next year and hearing about how you were able to incorporate the lesson plans into your classroom activities. Thank you for helping teach California students about the importance of our community trees. If you have any questions, please contact mgutierrez@californiareleaf or (916) 497-0037. California ReLeaf, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and the California Community Forests Foundation wish you the best of luck and a happy Arbor Week!